Franke Evolution

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The moderately sized Evolution is an elite performer. The entry-level model alone has everything you need. There is almost nothing its sophisticated technology cannot handle. Its elegance is the delight of catering professionals, which is why the Evolution has so many admirers throughout the industry, in restaurants, bars, hotels, large canteens and the vending sector. In short, it's a coffee machine with character.

  • Machine: Bean To Cup Coffee Machine
  • Specs: Extras:
    • Refrigeration unit for fresh milk (KE225)
    • Refrigeration unit for fresh milk (KE320)
    • Refrigeration unit for fresh milk (KE200)
    • Cup warmer
    • Chill & Cup
    • width: 320 mm
    • height: 680 mm
    • depth: 600 mm
    Machine weight:
    • ca. 40 kg
    Features of the Evolution (cups / hour):
    • Espresso 147 (209)
    • Cappuccino 128 (228)
    • Café Creme 103 (142)
    • Hot water 204
  • Weight: 40
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