Franke BCB 200 Standard & Twin

Price on application.
For a quote, please email us or call 01522 779002.

Designed to fit various needs, the six Franke Coffee brewers models feature the same proven technology that achieves one objective: hassle-free fast brewing for the occasion. Available in different sizes, we offer the perfect match for you and your brewing needs. Most important, you'll enjoy its excellent performance during peak hours and its consistent taste profile. This is guaranteed through the separate control of brewing time and volume. Drip-brewing has reached a new dimension!

  • Machine: Traditional Coffee Brewer
  • Specs:
    Cups per hour
    8 oz / 2.5 dl    12 oz / 3.5 dl    16 oz / 4.75 dl    20 oz / 6 dl
    BCB 200 single    189    126    94    76
    BCB 200 twin    189    126    94    76
  • Weight: 55
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