1883 Routin Syrups

These high quality natural syrups come in sturdy attractively-shaped glass bottles - making them ideal for front of house display. Routin has been producing natural syrups for flavouring drinks and cream for over a century and are now the world-leader. They only use natural ingredients and traditional processes (no artifical flavours etc). The flavours and colours are all natural extracts mixed with sugar and pure water from the Alps... nothing else!

Used in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mochas, sodas, cocktails (fantastic with Vodka), flavoured beers, granitas, cooking, smoothies, milk shakes and frappes (use Kool Kup for thickening powder), or just with water! Up to 125 servings per bottle (based on 8oz hot drinks). Price per portion is fantastic value for a beautiful gourmet syrup! Now over 90 flavours available!

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