La Spaziale Espresso Coffee Machines

La Spaziale have a unique patented heat exchange system that uses steam to heat the water used for every espresso. Steam is always a consistent temperature in the machine, ensuring the water temperature at the group head is always consistent, regardless of the number of drinks produced. Most coffee has a sweet spot of 94 degrees, with noticeable differences in taste for every degree either side of the sweet spot. La Spaziale coffee machines can hit the spot time after time producing consistently good coffee. Some models have electronic temperature control to fine tune the group head temperature to match the blend of coffee.

Saving Energy La Spaziale's steam based system only requires a low power heating element. This saves energy and money.
Improving Reliability

''There is no scale in steam.'' La Spaziale's system dramatically reduces lime scale build up, one of the biggest causes of machine failure. This improves reliability and reduces money spent on engineers.

The Barista's Choice

Always at the forefront of invention La Spaziale were the first to introduce a 53mm wide basket for the group handle [5mm smaller than the standard]. Baristas across the world acknowledge that a deeper and narrower basket is easiest to get an even tamp. This reduces human error improving espresso consistency.

Easy to clean

La Spaziale understand that a clean machine is imperative to the perfect espresso. This is why we are one of the few companies to have quick release shower plates; they can be removed in minuets and soaked in water to clean. It is proven that back flushing does not get rid of all coffee from the group head, with our system you can achieve this quickly without the need for aggressive chemical usage. Other companies require an engineer to remove the shower plates and clean them. Our system saves engineer time and money.


All our machines progressively infuse the coffee with a build-up of pressure. This is the most efficient way to get the best infusion from the coffee and the perfect espresso.

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