K-fee Wave & Tidy Package

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An all-rounder with an aircraft design. By choosing the K-fee Wave, you can rely on an affordable all-round machine that will allow the whole family or a small office team to relax and enjoy the full range of K-fee drinks. The capsule machine fully delivers on all the basics that make the K-fee system so attractive. It has a button for espresso (and a height-adjustable cup tray, especially for espresso cups). At the same time, those who prefer a lungo or filter coffee can simply take their choice and press the button for a large cup.

Why not add the Wave Tidy as a complimenting item with the specially designed Tidy Tray. Ideal for use in hotel rooms, this tray is an attractive way to provide your customers with all the essentials they would need to brew their drinks, with storage slots for up to 8 capsules, two cups and saucers and compartments for milk, sugar and stirrers. 

  • Machine: Capsule Machine
  • Specs:


    • Water tank capacity: 1 L
    • Water filter compatible
    • Automatic capsule ejection
    • Capsule holder: Up to 10 capsules
    • Additional espresso drip tray
    • Programmable cup volume
    • Automatic shut-off
    • Reduced brewing temperature for milk-based drinks
    • Warm-up time: Approx. 15 secs


    • Dimensions (L × W × H): 150 × 297 × 378 mm
    • Pump pressure up to 19 bar
    • Weight: approx. 3.8 kg
    • Cable length: 1 m

    Tidy Tray:



  • Weight: 3.8kg
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